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In the event the client is unable to attend a scheduled session, it is the client’s responsibility to contact the trainer within 24 hours of the scheduled session. 

All appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, though appreciated, will be charged as if the session was given. No exceptions.



There will be no refunds once a

payment is made. 


When purchasing a package, it must be paid in full before you can begin your training sessions.

There will be 4 payment methods available: Venmo, Zelle, Square or Money order.

Cash or Checks will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.


Package Deadline 

Once you purchase a package, you will have a deadline to finish all of your sessions within that package.

8 session package/ 45 days

12 session package/ 60 days

16 session package/ 90 days

This will help you stay on track with your training and to understand that not only is my time valuable but so is yours also.

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