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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the weather is bad?

With the trainings taking place outside, if the weather is bad, we will cancel for that day and have a make up training day.



Do you offer discounts?

Yes. The only discount we offer are sibling discounts. Discount will vary depending on how many siblings are registered.

Is the training for a specific sport?

No. 5CF’s Youth Training Program is for all athletes. The program specializes in helping young athletes improve their athletic abilities regardless of which sport they play.



What makes your program different from other training programs?

5CF Training focus is to help develop kids into top tier athletes. Most training programs are 60 minutes or less. Our sessions are 75 minutes. We genuinely care about making sure our youth athletes receive the proper training without rushing. We also give monthly home workouts to all members so that the kids can still train when they are not at the group sessions. We care about the success of our youth athletes.

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