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"Thank you for all you've done for Ben. He's grown so much as a player and person. You helped him have ore confidence within himself. You're truly an amazing coach. You are an inspiration and we thank God for you."

Pam Rhodes


"I have been a patron of LA fitness since 2017. When I started my membership, I was aiming to improve my fitness with the help of personal training sessions. During this time, I received training from several different trainers. Having to adapt to each new trainer's training style and method was somewhat exasperating. As a result, I was almost ready to stop the sessions until Marion was assigned to my training schedule. Right from the first session, I realized that he was different from the rest. He began with an assessment of my fitness level. He discussed with me my expectations from each training session. To me, this was new, comforting and importantly, also motivating. He started giving me exercises to work on at home between the sessions (at LA fitness). He also followed up with me on them. His genuine interest in my well-being was heartwarming! I decided to continue the sessions. Soon, I realized that Marion truly cares for the people he trains. He understands an individual's physical limits, knows how to push them gently, and encourages them to stay engaged and not give up. His pleasant persona, a positive attitude, and sincerity have always made me wish that I could continue my fitness training with him. If I decide to start receiving personal training again, Marion would be my first choice!"
Manjusha Vaidya


"Coming into college I weighed 165 pounds with 14% body fat. I started training with Marion for two a days. Marion pushed me behind my limits I'm grateful for that. He put me on a meal plan as well which helped me a lot. After 5 months I ended up weighing 187 pounds with 11% body fat. If you are looking for a great trainer who makes the workouts enjoyable, he's your guy!
Malik Brown


"Hi coach, I was very thankful to have you as my coach. You have taught me how to play offense and taught me respect. I am grateful.
Braxton Paugh


"I loved having Marion as my trainer. He helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Any question I had he had an answer too. Very knowledgeable & very detailed oriented & attentive. I highly recommend him. He get's a 10/10 from me!

Deldrishia Footman

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